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Portrait_SimonSticker(by Martin Gommel)

life, work and everything in between
Native German Simon Sticker has always felt passionate about the world and the human interaction with it and in it. As a visual storyteller, geographer, filmmaker & photojournalist he wears many heads in his projects to communicate the beautiful, yet unseen stories, the grueling and frightening stories and the stories that shape our future on this planet.
For his work he tries to never bound himself to medium, tools, restrictions, perceptions and stereotypes, but instead always experiments with new perspectives, forms of storytelling, tools and ideas. His work has taken him all over the world to places far away from everyday news in his fascination for the interactions of people between each other and with the planet. Getting people to ask questions and engaging with the stories is the first and most important aspect of his work.
If he is not somewhere out in the world on assignments, long-term projects or workshops and speaking engagements, he is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, spending time with his wife and son, working as a senior member with the multimedia photojournalism agency Bombay Flying Club or taking another bit of renovating the old farm he calls home.