Every day 830 women die from pregnency or child birth related complications. Most of these deaths happen in the developing world due to inadequate access to health care. A Thin Line tells the story of two women in Ghana, who survived, telling their story and how their survival not only affected them, but also their families and communities.

The film was co-directed together with filmmaker Yann Verbeke for the World Health Organisation to accompany a report on the topic to create a different narrative, focused more on the positive impact access to health care has, not only for the individuum, but the whole community.


The 19 min long final documentary was shown afterwards at different conferences and festivals while also functioning to connect and educate policy makers with the issue.

Behind the Scenes.

Some impressions and backstory from the field, shooting the documentary A Thin Line in Ghana.


A series of photographs, made during the production of A Thin Line.