Smoke kills 4.3 million people every year due to open fire cooking in the developing world. Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL), an initiative by the United Nations, aims to speeden up the process of reaching the sustainable development goal 7 – access to sustainable energy for everyone and reach it by 2030.

For their campaign Clean Energy Is Life, we developed and produced the creative concept. The 30 second PSA premiered at the General Assembly of the United Nations to kick off a conference on sustainable energy with leaders in the energy sector.


When we as the Bombay Flying Club together with Marilyn Smith pitched the creative concept to SE4ALL, we knew it needed to grab people fast and connect their story with their lives to have the highest impact. So we developed our concept for the PSA around the smoke alarm to play with its function in the western world to symbolise the danger people in developing countries are in, when they are exposed to so much smoke every day. Simon edited and co-directed the video with Poul Madsen.

Explainer Video.

We also knew that for the bigger campaign a longer video was needed to give more context and information. We chose to use motion graphics with the documentary footage to do that. The documentary footage was shot by Poul Madsen, while the video was edited by Henrik Kastenskov. The explainer video was afterwards requsted and used for informational purposes by multiple organisations and governments, like Ikea and Saudi Arabia.