Energy poverty is a complex topic affecting 100 million people across Europe and Northern America alone. For the Energy Action Project together with Poul Madsen, Simon travelled across Europe to investigate the aspect of fuel poverty. Cold at Home, one of the resulting films,

goes into the story of three people, displaced by the war in Eastern Ukraine, trying to create a new home, while struggeling with rising fuel prices and inadeqate housing. The film won the Danish Picture of the Year Award for Long Form Documentary.


Cold At Home is one chapter in the larger project around Energy Poverty called EnAct. Using short form, character driven documentaries as a gate way into the topic, we communicate the effects of energy poverty in a relatable way and opening up for a bigger universe around the topic on the dedicated website, with expert articles, energy saving tips and much more.

Pennies Make Pounds.

Another short form documentary for the Energy Action Project, explores the situation of inadequate housing in one of the old mining towns in Wales. With a lot of the housing not build for long term living, but still in use, isolation is very bad and therefor heating costs are high. Government programs try to fix that, but have a difficult time reaching the communities. The film follows a single mother with her two kids, how they try to safe on energy costs and educate the community at the same time.


A series of photographs, made during the production of COLD AT HOME.