Hi, I'm Simon - a documentary visual storyteller

When Astronaut William Sanders on December 24, 1968, took this picture of the earth from lunar orbit, the new perspective on earth changed forever how we see the planet we live on and the fragility of life and our home planet.

For the past decades I dedicated all my work to the visual connection that this photograph established:
The fragile habitats we live in and our interaction with it and with each other.

From issues of climate change to human and civic rights, urbanisation to health, from the clashes of war to the deeply personal human experience - my work has been all about trying to find new perspectives - like Sanders did in 1968 - and new ways of telling stories that connect us with the world.

Driven by the eternal wonder and curiosity for the world and to learn, understand and connect with the fragile world we live in and our role in it. More an exploration than a search for answers or a project - a life long journey.

These days, I divide my time between long term explorations, like ELEMENTS & URBAN THREADS, on deep and complex topics, my work at DREAMTOWN, an organisation I have been involved with for the last 10+ years, as head of stories and innovation and consulting work for NGOs, institutions and news organisations.

I live with my wife and three children close to Copenhagen, Denmark, but travel the world almost monthly for my work.