A seaming unfullfillable dream and a lot of ambition to reach it, that is what Marta Hughes had, when she set out to climb Chimborazo, the furthest point from the center of the earth and, with 6268 meters above sealevel, the highest mountain in Ecuador. With little to no serious climbing experience and being afraid of heights,

Marta had more to overcome than just the physical challenge, in her effort to raise money for SOS Children’s Villages through her climb. Simon followed her whole journey for the documentary Dare To Try from the training in the alps to the highest peaks in Ecuador.


From the beginning of that project it was clear that a longer documentary film would form the center piece of the project, telling the full story of Marta Hughes journey to Chimborazo. The film was released at the end of the fundraising campaign and premiered in Luxembourg in April 2019.


One of the core ideas for the Chimborazo Challenge was to raise funds for SOS Children’s Villages. To connect people with the project, we created a social media campaign throughout the whole journey until the premiere of the film with images and videos, like weekly video dispatches from the journey, sharing parts of the journey.


To have people experience the climbs even more, we created short VR films to experience parts of the journey as well.


A series of photographs from the training before the expedition and during the acclimatisation and attempt on Chimborazo, 6268m.