Our consulting work with Dreamtown focusses on shaping a new form of modern NGO, that operates with storytelling in its core, not only for external communication, but also internally inside the organisation to lower the friction between different stakeholders in projects and focus on the universal language everyone speaks and understands.

The external communication we develop is therefor also less focused on a campaign approach, but more on creating fragmented documentarian narratives of long periods of time as one of the three pillars of the organisation – research, action & stories.

Fragmented Long-Term Narrative.

For the external communication effort, we chose to take an approach that is not campaign focused, but instead building a fragmented long-term narrative that allows for a long-term connection and engagement with the organisation. The forms of storytelling and media are therefor also variable, playing on the strength of each, while having them all connected through the main narrative, while it develops. This short trailer is meant therefor more as a visual insight and atmosphere of the place, instead of telling a full story – a small building block in the long term narrative.


Early on we knew that storytelling would play an integral part in Dreamtown’s internal and external communication. So together with Action and Research it build one of the pillars of the organisation. This is reflected both in the external communication efforts, but also in the ideas that guide the internal communication and how storytelling can be the unifying language that makes it easier to ammoniate between stakeholders on all levels.

Participatory Video.

Changing voices and perspectives is in the core of all the work that is done for Dreamtown. Participatory video played an important role for a long time as a way of using the tools of video and having stories told by the sources. This video was made as part of a participatory video workshop with the Youth Dream Centre in Freetown, one of the local partners of Dreamtown.