A music and storytelling project in its core, Møn Sessions, run together with fellow filmmaker and local resident Emile Carlsen, is a creative playground to test out new ideas. Once a month we invite exceptional artists to the danish island of Møn and record live music sessions out in nature, no matter the time of year or weather,

and produce videos that build a hybrid combination of live music, music video and art. In addition, several times a year we tell short stories of the residents on the island, combining interesting characters and new approaches to short form documentary.

Music Sessions.

The idea is simple. Invite a great artist to Møn once a month, find an amazing place in nature, record a live music session there, no matter the weather or time of the year, and release the video to youtube afterwards. For the last 3 years we have been doing just that, sometimes blending it with visual narratives, expressionistic nature or other parts, that bridge the gap between music video and live session, creating a frictionless ground for creative exploration.

Møn Stories.

With my background in documentary, it was obvious to also tell stories of people. But we decided to use it in the same way as the sessions for creative exploration, new ways to edit and tell stories, different pacing and visual storytelling, but always with interesting characters. While much less frequent than the sessions, its still is a part, that we keep on growing.