At DREAMTOWN we work for the wellbeing of young people in urban slums.

More than one billion people live in urban slums today, with that number growing every year. Solving the challenges that comes with that will be one of the biggest stories of the future.

Dreamtown is currently working in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda. 

Our work is focused on three key areas: creating safe, green and creative spaces for young people to improve the life in their communities, give young people a stronger voice in the process and create also economical opportunities.

I’m heading the Communication & Engagement department at Dreamtown.

With our small amazing team we produce all forms of stories from Documentaries, Podcasts, Publications and Photography as well as a strong focus on engagement initiatives to connect people with this important story.

Story Teaser

Mercy Wanjiru

A small teaser for one of the many short and long form documentaries we currently have in production.

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The first episode of our podcast “Unseen Spaces”, where I talk with various players in the urban field, partners and interesting voices.

What We Do

Dreamtown has started as a small volunteer organisation more than ten years ago with a focus on non-formal education Sierra Leone. Since 2017 Dreamtown was professionalised and expanded to Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda, now with a focus on public space and young people’s wellbeing in urban slums, with currently nine fulltime staff in Denmark and multiple partner organisations in the different project countries.

We focus on three pillars how we create impact: Our projects in the countries, research and learning as well as storytelling as a way to engage and connect more people with this important story.