Documentary / Consulting


A documentary series about the media struggle in times of war.

The war in Ukraine is also a war of words and the media – a fight for the truth, a fight for secure information. It is all the more important to show the people who are confronted with it on a daily basis. This is exactly what we did with “words & weapons”.

We accompanied journalists and media professionals in their struggle for freedom, their daily life in times of war, and in telling their stories.

As a consultant I developed the concept with Team 30 at the Freetech Academy and supported the production and storytelling of the project. 

Chapter #1

The War Reporter – Asami Terajima

Chapter #2

The Correspondents - Katrin Eigendorf & Ibrahim Naber

Chapter #3

The Producer - Vladan Alimpijević

Chapter #4

The Journalist in Exile - Sergey Smirnov

Chapter #5

The TikToker - Marta Vasyuta

Our Approach

Right after the war in Ukraine started,  I started working with the Team 30 at the Freetech Academy on this project. The focus was clear from the start: We wanted to give an insight into the “machine room” of journalism in times of war and the struggles of finding the truth. 

We decided to produce a documentary series, following individual journalists, from someone like Sergey Smirnov, who flet Russia, when the war started because of the new media laws as well as correspondents and journalists in Ukraine and other places.

For a two week period, the team travelled all over Europe to produce the five part series and gives a deep insight into what it means to be a journalist in times of war.


Words & Weapons