Simon Sticker | Based in Copenhagen, operating worldwide
Photojournalism, documentary, multimedia, storytelling, africa, long-term project, environment, humans, interaction, denmark, copenhagen, simon sticker, photography, videography, cinematography, director, cinematographer, humanitarian photographer, NGO
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  • Berlin Design Week
    In Art/ Business/ Fashion
    Berlin Design Week
  • Stockholm Fashion
    In Art/ Fashion/ Photography
    Stockholm Fashion
  • Venice Art Pavilion
    In Business/ Fashion
    Venice Art Pavilion
  • Vimeo FX Showreel
    In Art/ Fashion
    Vimeo FX Showreel
  • Der Spiegel Cover Art
    In Business/ Fashion/ Photography
    Der Spiegel Cover Art
  • Art Design Blvd
    In Art/ Business/ Fashion
    Art Design Blvd
  • Festival 2014
    In Business/ Photography
    Festival 2014
  • Smash Pop Art Storm
    In Art
    Smash Pop Art Storm
  • Adventures in Zond
    In Business
    Adventures in Zond
  • STV Music Awards 2013
    In Art
    STV Music Awards 2013
  • Pale Skin Apparel
    In Art/ Photography
    Pale Skin Apparel
  • Clash & Mayhem TV
    In Art/ Photography
    Clash & Mayhem TV
  • Case Study
    In Business
    Case Study
  • Blau Kunsthaus Identity
    In Art/ Fashion
    Blau Kunsthaus Identity
  • Abstract Style Of Handler
    In Art
    Abstract Style Of Handler
  • Single Portfolio
    In Business/ Photography
    Single Portfolio
  • Last Iceland Sunshine
    In Photography
    Last Iceland Sunshine
  • Amsterdam Jazz Festival
    In Art
    Amsterdam Jazz Festival
  • Mother Volcano Artwork
    In Photography
    Mother Volcano Artwork
  • SuperDollz Showroom
    In Business
    SuperDollz Showroom
  • 67B Construction Studio
    In Business
    67B Construction Studio
  • Fast Vector Mobile
    In Art/ Business
    Fast Vector Mobile
  • Vintage Vinyl House
    In Art
    Vintage Vinyl House
  • Art Week 2014 Malmö
    In Business
    Art Week 2014 Malmö